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The Frumious Random
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Mike Huckabee wants to force you, through threat of violence, to listen to his church's dogma.

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Why do some people think that immortality would be a horrible curse?
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I've notice that in most series that have a "faith" episode, no matter what the context it usually devolves into "there are mysteries we don't understand and those boil down to a god or the supernatural".

This pandering shit really doesn't fly, especially in a series about science and scientists, no matter how implausible.
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This is some damned good stuff.

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Boehner's so deep in the closet he's having adventures in Narnia.

Heh heh. Boner...
I have made no mistakes in my life.Collapse )

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I really want to hear what he would say about the Teabaggers and rethugs, today.

Original post: http://stoney321.livejournal.com/317176.html

Other post: http://twilighting.org/?p=516

What are your thoughts?
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How does science work?
For those of you who are tired of hearing Rethugs use 9/11 as a talking point:

I called up ibuypower.com and told them my problem. Without even giving me one bit of grief, they sent out a replacement part. Most excellent.

These were the guys that won my comparison shopping bid. I constructed on a list all my requirements and looked up how much it would cost for me to build, then I went shopping on-line. They won by a long shot.
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The pump on my water cooling system on my computer went out. So I can't really use it without the danger of screwing it permanently. Until that part gets replaced, I am out of the loop unless I am at work, for the most part.
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Dead on.
If you take the flight path from Cliffwatcher Post in Stonetalon, you get a rocket that is 2-3 times as fast as a regular flight.
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Babylon 5 is pretty good. But I notice while rewatching it that a lot of the episodes bring up situations that can be resolved by pointing out a clear conflict of interest. In military structure, this is a big deal.

I'll say it again and again: If you tolerate bullies and bigots, you are just as bad as they are.
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In the movies, you often see a completely horrendous person loved by a beautiful woman who is completely aware of the villain's proclivities which might include murder, torture, kidnapping, drug dealing, and so on. The lovers often turn away from the activity as if they do not support it, but they still love the villain. These lovers invoke sympathy from the audience and often the heroes of the story. This seems to be true in real life as well, following the fallacy that you can't choose who you love.

The person who loves a villain is a BAD PERSON! If one loves a horrible person and does not do everything in one's power to bring him her or her justice, one is a horrible person, too! The lover is just as bad if not worse for encouraging and enabling the behavior of the horrible people they love.


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Parts 2 and 3 are on youtube.
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